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Open for Commissions!

Looking for a new cosplay, an event look, or just some good clothing? Check out previous commissions or request an all new one!

Made of durable vinyl fabric and weighs around 2lbs.

Ahsoka Tano Season 7
Clone Wars

Ahsoka Tano
Clone Wars
Season 3-5

Ahsoka Tano

Jyn Erso Vest

Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi

Custom clergy stoles

How it works


Contact & Contract

After I approve taking your commission, I will send you a contract with all the details - from production time to cost and payment. Usually 40% of the total cost will be due as soon as the contract is signed.


Details & Design

You’ll provide me with as many images as possible and we will talk about the details of the costume. I’ll also ask you for any measurements I might need.



Materials will be ordered and the creation of your costume will begin! I’ll send you updates and photos as often as I can.


Final Payment & Delivery

After I finish your piece(s), I’ll shoot you a message requesting final payment. Once that is received, I will ship everything out to you. I’ll also send you any extra buttons, trim, etc to do future repairs.

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